Jackson Browne Says McCain’s|TV Ad Is Running On Empty

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Jackson Browne sued John McCain and The Republican National Committee for using his tune, “Running on Empty,” in a TV commercial. The attack ad mocks Barack Obama for advising Americans to conserve gasoline by keeping their car tires inflated to the proper pressure. Browne says the ad violates copyright and falsely suggests that he “sponsors and endorses McCain.”

     Browne also sued The Ohio Republican Party, alleging copyright infringement, in Federal Court.
     Browne’s lawsuit declares: “As influential and enduring as his music is Browne’s legacy as an advocate for social and environmental justice. Throughout Browne’s career, he has closely associated himself with liberal causes and Democratic political candidates. Indeed, Browne has spent significant time throughout his career raising public awareness for such causes. Browne brings this action in order to vindicate an egregious, intentional false association created by agents of the presumptive Republican candidate for President of the United States, Senator John McCain, suggesting that Browne sponsors and endorses McCain, a false association that directly conflicts with the political and social values that Browne has espoused and supported throughout his career.”
     (Oddly enough, no one slinging accusations in the nationwide brouhaha about McCain’s ad has mentioned that President George W. Bush’s father was mocked during his presidency for an ad that advocated exactly what Obama suggested.
     (After the first war against Iraq, the first President Bush’s administration ran nationwide TV commercials about proper tire pressure and gasoline economy, after Bush was criticized for failing to have a gasoline conservation program.)
     Jackson Browne is represented by Lawrence Iser with Kinsella Weitzman.

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