Jack Klugman Sues for|Profits From ‘Quincy, M.E.’

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Actor Jack Klugman has sued Universal City Studios in Superior Court, seeking 25 percent of the net profits from the TV series “Quincy, M.E.”

     Klugman, who starred in the series from 1976 to 1983, claims he never signed a written compensation contract but that he had an oral agreement giving him a quarter of the series’ net profits. The deal was acknowledged in “various writings,” the complaint states.
     Klugman says that an audit in May this year showed that Universal has been falsely claiming net losses on the series and “intentionally manipulated the accounting in an attempt to show that plaintiffs are not owed any ‘net profits.'”
     The complaint was filed by Neville Johnson, Douglas Johnson, and James Ryan with Johnson & Johnson.

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