It Depends On How You Define ‘Foot’

     DENTON, TEXAS (CN) – The Texas Podiatric Medicine Association claims two hospitals have illegally denied privileges to podiatrists because of a disagreement about what a foot is.

     The association, which says it represents about 80 percent of podiatrists, says Denton Regional Medical Center and the Medical Center of Lewisville have illegally denied privileges to podiatrists.
     The dispute hinges around whether podiatrists are allowed to operate on ankles.
     The association claims that the dispute has been litigated, and that though it lost in Travis County Court, the Texas Third Court of Appeals reversed on March 14, and agreed with the association that “foot” can include the ankle, and even regions above the ankle.
     The defendant hospitals apparently disagree, and barred podiatrists, who insist upon the broader definition of foot.
     Plaintiffs want the court to enjoin the hospitals “from summarily revoking or modifying ankle privileges of its podiatrist members.”
     They are represented in Denton County Court by Jennifer Riggs with Riggs Aleshire & Ray of Austin.

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