International Children’s Sued|In Tangled Deal Over $1 Billion

     HOUSTON (CN) – The International Children’s Fund is a sham front for Stanley Ray Smith, of Spring, Texas, who promised but failed to return to investors $1 billion swindled from them by “a London-based financial swindler, Christopher Heron, and a Houston-based incarcerated felon, Howard Eugene Liner,” according to a complaint in Harris County Court.

     Plaintiff Larry Ewers says that investors sued Heron in Boston and England, demanding $2 billion, and that the U.S. District Court in Boston entered $1.98 billion judgment against Heron.
     Smith’s Houston-based front, the International Children’s Fund-Rokha Parakey Inc., then promised that “within 30 days of a judgment being signed in the federal court, he would recover from Heron and deposit $1 billion into the court’s registry, for distribution pursuant to an agreement that the parties were trying to reach at the mediation,” the complaint states.
     It didn’t happen, Ewers says. He seeks rescission of a deal he cut with Smith and the International Children’s Fund. Ewers is represented by Robert Painter.

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