On behalf of all Kentucky counties, Franklin County has filed eight class actions in Frankfort Federal Court, claiming major insurance companies have ducked taxes. Click the icon to see the complaint against AIG and affiliates. Click on “Insurance” heading to see the list of defendants.

     Here are the defendants in the AIG case: American International South Insurance Co., AIG Casualty Co., American General Assurance Co., American General Life Insurance Co., American General Life & Accident Insurance Co., Commerce & Industry Insurance Co., Granite State Insurance Co., Illinois National Insurance Co., Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, New Hampshire Insurance Co., United Guaranty Residential Insurance Company, and Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co.
     A second class action was filed against Union Security Insurance Company, American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, American Bankers Life Assurance Company of Florida, American Memorial Life Insurance Company, American Security Insurance Company, American Reliable Insurance Company.
     The third class action was filed against Cincinnati Insurance Co. and Cincinnati Life Insurance Co.
     The fourth case was filed against GEICO.
     The fifth case was filed against Grange Mutual Casualty Co., and Trustguard Isurance Co.
     The sixth case was filed against Hartford Casualty Insurance Co., Hartford Fire Insurance Co., Hartford Insurance Co. of the Midwest, and Hartford Life & Accident Insurance Co.
     The seventh case was filed against these defendants: Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co., American Fire & Casualty Insurance Co., LM Insurance Co., Indiana Insurance Co., Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Netherlands Insurance Co., Ohio Casualty Insurance Co., West American Insurance Co., and the Wausau Underwriters Insurance Co.

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