Inmate-Patient Says He Was Forcibly Medicated

CHICAGO (CN) – An Illinois mental health inmate claims in court that he was force-medicated based on an incorrect diagnosis until he developed a mental illness from dependence on the medication.
     David Poole sued Illinois Department of Human Services Secretary Michelle Saddler, Illinois Department of Corrections Director S.A. Godinez, Chester Mental Health Facility Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hardy, and 23 Chester Mental Health employees, in Federal Court.
     The complaint states: “In 1979, the plaintiff was incarcerated at the Menard Correctional Facility. He was there until 1982. During his stay there, he was incorrectly diagnosed with a mental illness, then force-medicated to treat it. Because he has been force-medicated so often, the plaintiff now needs the medications that have been used on him. The continued use of these medications has created a need for them.
     “His treatment while at the Menard Correctional Facility followed him to various mental institutions which continued to treat the plaintiff for his forced-medication induced mental illness. To this day, the plaintiff is subjected to demeaning treatment and abuse stemming from an incorrect initial diagnosis.”
     By 2000, he was incarcerated at the Chester Mental Health Center, formerly known as the Asylum for Insane Criminals, and medicated for every small infraction, Pools claims in the complaint.
     Chester Mental Health Center is Illinois’ only maximum security mental health facility for patients found not guilty by reason of insanity.
     Inmates are not supervised by guards, but by security therapy aides (STA).
     As examples of his forced-medication, Poole says: “On October 13, 2012, the plaintiff was given 2 PRN [pro re nata aka “as needed”] injections and an oral PRN for not quickly enough leaving the telephone area. These medications were administered as punishment by a new unknown STA with a goatee.
     “On November 5, 2012, unknown STAs offered the plaintiff of option of taking 2
     Thorazine tablets, or be put into an ice solution. The plaintiff took the tablets.
     “On or around December 4, 2012, STA Ken administered a PRN shot to the plaintiff for the infraction of asking for a pencil.
     “On December 5, 2012, STAs Ken and Roberts forced the plaintiff to take a PRN, or be put into restraints for reasons other than that the plaintiff was a danger to himself or others.
     “On December 15, 2012, STA Ken spit in the plaintiff’s face, then had other individuals present spit in the plaintiff’s face.
     “On or around December 27, 2012, STA Ken stepped on and injured the plaintiff’s ankle. The plaintiff was given another PRN shot for attempting to defend himself against being stepped on. STAs Clarence and Chris Roberts witnessed this abuse.
     “On or around December 31, 2012, three STAs, including STA Ken and Chris Roberts, dragged the plaintiff to the restraint room. Once there, STA Roberts ordered STA Ken and the other unknown STA to hit the plaintiff in the head with a walkie-talkie. STA Ken did as STA Roberts ordered, and lacerated the plaintiff’s scalp.
     “On January 7, 2013, STA Ken administered two PRN shots to the plaintiff as punishment for talking in line while waiting for a haircut. The shots were not administered as part of the plaintiff’s therapy. STAs Clarence and Chris Roberts witnessed this abuse.”
     Poole also claims that social worker/defendant Travis Nottmiar forced him to give Nottmiar oral sex in return for phone privileges, and once “instigated a confrontation between another patient named Diaz and the plaintiff by instructing Diaz to punch the plaintiff while the two patients were in Notmerier’s office.”
     Poole seeks damages for violation of his rights to due process and to be free from cruel and unusual punishment.
     He is represented by Larry Redmond.

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