Info Demanded on|Alleged ICBM Incident

     PHILADELPHIA (CN) – Fifty intercontinental ballistic missiles went incommunicado “with their human controllers” for nearly an hour, a public policy group claims in a federal FOIA complaint.
     Speaking Truth to Power demands government records on the incident, which it says happened in October 2010.
     It sued the U.S. Strategic Command, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Global Strike Command.
     The group claims that 50 ICBMs “were unable to communicate with their human controllers for approximately 45 minutes” on Oct. 23, 2010 at an Air Force base in Wyoming.
     It says the government has not responded to its FOIA requests.
     Americans “have the right to know how such an incident did occur,” as it involves “a topic [of] vital importance: the control of our nation’s nuclear arsenal,” the complaint states.
     Speaking Truth to Power is represented by Jules Zacher.

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