Independent Presidential Candidate Seeks Nevada Recount

LAS VEGAS (CN) – Independent presidential candidate Rocky De La Fuente announced Wednesday that he has filed for a recount of votes in several Nevada precincts.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won the Nevada presidential race over President-elect Donald Trump, while De La Fuente finished well behind with less than 1 percent of the vote in Nevada.

De La Fuente says his recount demand is not intended to favor a particular political candidate, and he made the demand via email late Tuesday.

“This is about election integrity. We need to expose problems and fix them,” he said in a statement posted on his campaign website.

He says he was the victim of voter fraud in several states, and was the first to file for a recount in Wisconsin. He withdrew his application after Green Party candidate Jill Stein sought a recount in the Dairy State.

“We have screen shots of my vote totals going down in a variety of states as more counties reported, which obviously should not be possible,” he said. “Coupled with the other forms of election manipulation I experienced, I committed myself to exposing the problems and pushing for solutions.”

While a recount in Nevada would not affect the outcome of the presidential election, De La Fuente said he filed for a recount in the Silver State because he saw similarities between there and Wisconsin. He also said that because Stein did not qualify for the Nevada ballot, he would take the recount reins.

De La Fuente ran in several states as either an Independent, Reform Party, or American Delta Party candidate for president.

In Nevada, he obtained 2,252 of the state’s more than 1 million voters on Nov. 8.

De La Fuente is seeking a recount of 93 voting precincts in Nevada, most of them located in Clark County, with two each located in Carson City, Nye, Mineral and Douglas counties. The counties have five days to complete the recount process.

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