Inauguration Who’s Who, and Who’s Not


(Britain Eakin, CNS)

WASHINGTON (CN) – Dotting a sea of Make America Great Again hats, a handful of celebrities and dignitaries made a splash at the presidential inauguration Friday of Donald Trump.

After a thunderous cheer for Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson and Fox News cameras, Dan Quayle and Dick Cheney took their seats in front of the Capitol to a smattering of applause.

The former vice presidents were followed shortly after by members of the House of Representatives.

The attendance of Congress has been a major story in the days leading up to the inauguration, as a number of high-profile House Democrats have decided not to attend the event.

Rep. John Lewis, an icon of the civil-rights movement, drew the president-elect’s ire over the holiday weekend in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. The Georgia Democrat posted on Twitter that he would not attend Trump’s inauguration because he does not consider the election legitimate.

(Brandi Buchman, CNS)

After the inauguration, one arrestee being escorted out of the National Mall by police waved and smiled as supporters thanked him for his protest.

“Don’t let democracy die in America,” the man yelled to onlookers.

Two members of the peace-advocacy group Code Pink stood at the crosswalk outside of the Capitol Building.

“As you can imagine, we’re actually here for the [Women’s March on Washington] tomorrow,” said Robin Schirmer, gesturing to the barricaded Capitol grounds. “But, hey, there’s history going on inside there.”

Dressed all in pink, Schirmer was carrying a “Love Trumps Hate” banner in the same shade.

“We’re finding that it is so delightful that people are thanking us left and right as they walk out,” Schirmer said. “There are so many people inside just quietly watching history today but came for the march.”

A day early for the Women’s March on Washington, Code Pink protesters two women, Robin Schirmer and Johnice Stanislawski took their protest to inauguration. (Brandi Buchman, CNS)

The women chuckled when asked about the “peaceful transition of power” spoken of today among many a Trump.

“Note the eye roll,” Johnice Stanislawski said of Schirmer’s reaction.

“This experience, this administration prompted me to show up,” said Stanislawski, who paired her pink scarf  with an “Immigrants Welcome” poster. “I’ve never been this happy to participate. People are coming up to us, hugging us and some are crying.”

“They’re just happy to see someone of a like mind,” Schirmer added.

The duo said their protest’s reception has been mostly friendly, facing little harassment.

“They see the word immigrant and come up to say, ‘Legal immigrants are OK,’” Stanislawksi said.

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