Immigrant Family Sues Landlord

     MINNEAPOLIS (CN) – A Mexican family says their landlord threw them out of their apartment and seized $57,000 worth of their property three weeks after renting to them, though he knew the family was undocumented from Day One. The landlord did it all without an eviction proceeding, alleging “illegal activity” – the family’s immigration status – the family says in Hennepin County Court.

     The Ramirez Family sued Kentucky Lane Apartments, of Crystal, Minn., its corporate parents and the employee/landlords.
     The brouhaha started when the father was arrested and agreed to be deported to Mexico, the complaint states. No one in the family, including the father, ever was charged with any criminal offense, nor was any such allegation ever made against anyone who visited their apartment, they say.
     The Ramirezes want their stuff back, and treble damages, and statutory and punitive damages for violations of housing laws. They are represented by William Anderson of Chanhassen, Minn.

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