Immigrant-Basher Fights City Hall

     SCRANTON, Pa. (CN) – A man claims his constitutional rights were violated when a policeman cited him for disorderly conduct for a sign on his truck that said, “If your [sic] in America and can’t speak English, get the fuck out!” Joseph Decker says Hughestown Police “caused him and his family great cost and distress” with the citation, which was dismissed; he says his sign “was not obscene.”

     Decker says Hughestown Borough Police Patrolman Robert Leombruni violated his First Amendment rights by citing him for the sign.
     Decker says he and his family were harassed by fellow citizens when the citation was brought to the attention of the community, though charges were dropped. He says his truck was vandalized and a woman tried to attack him with a knife.
     He seeks a jury trail and punitive damages. He is represented by Tullio DeLuca.

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