Illinois Politics|Getting Complicated

     CHICAGO (CN) – Two voters sued Gov. Pat Quinn, claiming his disgraced predecessor’s appointment of Roland Burris to fill the Senate seat vacated by President Barack Obama violated the 17th Amendment, which provides for direct election of senators. The plaintiffs are represented in Federal Court by Thomas Geoghegan, who is a Democratic candidate for the seat vacated by Rep. Rahm Emanuel, who left it to become President Obama’s chief of staff.

     Plaintiffs Gerald Judge and David Kindler say that in light of recent developments, to let Burris continue in the seat to which Rod Blagojevich appointed him invites “corruption and abuse in the filling of vacancies in the Unites [sic] States Senate under future Illinois governors.”
     The primary in which Geoghegan is running will be on March 3, and the general election on April 7.

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