Hyperlapse Photo Artist Claims His Rights

     AUSTIN, Texas (CN) — A hyperlapse photo artist asked a federal judge to stop a tech services company from using his artistic creations to promote its business.
     Andrew Takeshi Takano sued Actonia on copyright claims Friday in Austin Federal Court.
     Takano’s art, including the art at issue, can be viewed for free on his Web page, www.highfieldmedia.com.
     He explains hyperlapse photography in the lawsuit: “Hyperlapse is a complicated and time-consuming technique that involves taking still photographs from a tripod, moving the set-up a few inches in between each photo, and then applying sophisticated computer post production procedures to edit the photographs and assemble them into films.”
     He says hyperlapse is tedious work that requires “precision and concentration, not elaborate equipment or trick shots.”
     Takano says Actonia lifted his photograph “Sunset on 9th” from his work, “Riding the Light.”
     He says the copyright infringement was willful and blatant, as Actonia removed his copyright management information from the work after it swiped it.
     Actonia owns and operates seoClarity, which provides search engine optimization and other services to large corporations and Internet businesses.
     Takano says Actonia “copied Takano’s copyrighted work without Takano’s permission” and “used the work at issue in connection with the advertising, marketing and promotion of the seoClarity 2014 Conference held in Austin, Texas.”
     He continues: “After defendant copied the work, it made further copies and distributed the work on the internet and on Twitter to promote the sale of services as part of its search engine optimization business, including in furtherance of Actonia’s promotion of business meetings held by seoClarity in Austin, Texas.”
     Actonia’s website was not functional on Tuesday evening. SeoClarity did not respond to an email request for comment.
     Takano seeks actual damages, statutory damages, profits from Actonia’s infringement and an injunction.
     He is represented by Buck McKinney in Austin.

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