Hungry Birds: UK Council to Fine People Who Feed Seagulls

LONDON (AP) — Vacationing in part of the British seaside may be getting a bit more expensive — but only for tourists who can’t resist the temptation to feed seagulls.

The East Devon District Council has passed a regulation authorizing 80-pound ($103) fines for people who give food to seagulls common at the seaside there.

Officials said Monday the fine is part of a campaign to prevent seagulls in the area from being overly aggressive and grabbing food from beachgoers.

Councillor Iain Chubb said the fine can also be used against cafes and restaurants that fail to dispose of food properly. He said gulls are a “nice part of the landscape” but need to be controlled.

Officials say the seagulls sometimes attack people in their quest for food.

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