‘Human Hockey Puck’ Sues NFL Team

     NASHVILLE (CN) – The Nashville Predators’ “human hockey puck” stunt left a fan hospitalized, after the NHL team sling-shot him toward bowling pins on the ice – and missed, the man claims in court.
     Adam Davis says the team’s ill-advised stunt “involved placing (him) on a sled and pulling him back in a slingshot to ‘shoot’ him towards bowling pins standing at one end of the ice rink.”
     The stunt is one of several devices the team uses to entertain the crowd during intermission.
     Davis claims, “the Predators were aware and it was foreseeable that by shooting Adam Davis across the ice, he may not hit the bowling pins and may instead hit the side of the rink.
     “Instead of hitting the bowling pins, Adam Davis struck the wall of the ice rink with great force.”
     The crash fractured his right medial malleolus – the bony ankle bump – which required reparative surgery, Davis says.
     He sued the Nashville Predators, Predators Holdings and Powers Management, in Davidson County Court.
     He seeks medical costs and damages for negligence.
     He is represented by William Leader Jr., with Leader, Bulso and Nolan.

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