Hugh Hefner’s Wife, Kimberly,|Seeks Millions in Divorce

     LOS ANGELES (CN) – Hugh Hefner’s estranged wife Kimberly seeks more than $5.2 million in her divorce from the Playboy mogul, plus half of the couple’s “Mapleton” estate, next to the L.A. Playboy Mansion, which sold in July for more than $10 million. Kimberly Hefner aka Kimberly Conrad, and The Hef have been married since July 1989.
     The couple have two children; the youngest will be 18 in September. The Hefners have been publicly estranged since 1998, but have lived on adjacent properties so they could “maintain a family relationship,” according to the complaint in Superior Court.
     In addition to the $5.2 million and half of the Mapleton proceeds, Conrad wants $40,000 in support for each month the couple stays married after September. Both Hefner boys are still in school and require support, the complaint states. She claims Hugh Hefner has told her he plans to reduce the $40,000 monthly stipend to $20,000.
     The couple made a prenuptial agreement before they married in 1989, in which Hefner agreed to deposit $250,000 into an interest-bearing trust account for his wife for each year until their fourth anniversary, according to the complaint.
     If they stayed married after that, then Conrad would be entitled to that sum every year until Hefner’s death or until the marriage dissolved, she says.
     Conrad says she filed for divorce in 1998 but withdrew the request after Hefner said he did not want to divorce. She says they amended the prenuptial agreement then.
     The revised version made provisions relating to the couple’s responsibilities to Mapleton, including restoration and interior decoration, on which Conrad says she has spent more than $500,000.
     Conrad is represented by Hillel Chodos.

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