House Funding Bumped $74M Over Last Year

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The Senate passed an appropriations bill 67-25 Monday that will fund the House for the 2010 fiscal year, giving representatives almost $1.38 billion for salaries and expenditures, representing an increase of $74 million over last year.

     Among those who voted against the bill, the majority were Republicans. Democrats heavily favored the bill.
     This sum is $74 million more than the current budget for representatives, but still falls $122 million short of the request for $1.5 billion
     Of the roughly $1.38 billion designated in H.R. 2918, each of the 435 representatives would get more than $3 million, if the money were divided evenly, to cover their salaries and expenditures for the year.
     Representatives are paid more when they chair a committee.
     The rest of the total House budget, $3.4 billion, will fund a variety of legislative agencies, including the Library of Congress, the House and Capitol Police, the Architect of the Capitol, the Government Accountability Office, the Government Printing Office, and more.

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