Hospital Passed On Molester, Patient Says

     ALBUQUERQUE (CN) – A patient claims a hospital technician insisted that he needed to masturbate him to ejaculation to do an ultrasound exam, and that the man preyed upon him and others because Presbyterian Hospital had concealed his behavior after firing him in 2002 for doing the same thing.

     The plaintiff claims University of New Mexico Hospital technician Robert Ferguson demanded that he be allowed to masturbate him, for putative medical reasons, and then offered to perform oral sex on him.
     Plaintiff, a heterosexual man, claims Ferguson was allowed to prey on him and others because Presbyterian Hospital concealed Ferguson’s predilections after firing him for them in December 2002.
     “A number of other Hispanic males complained to law enforcement that they were also subjected to unlawful criminal sexual conduct by Ferguson under the guise of his conducting diagnostic tests ordered by their doctors,” the complaint states in Bernalillo County Court.
     The plaintiff did not sue UNM Hospital. He demands damages from Presbyterian Hospital and two of its employees who allegedly recommended Ferguson to UNM.
     He demands punitive damages for fraud, negligent retention, prima facie tort, distress, outrage and loss of consortium. He is represented by James Barret.

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