Horsewoman Says Wayne Newton Defamed Her

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – Wayne Newton neglected a horse and then wrongfully accused his barn manager of killing it, the manager claims in court.
     Courtney McGrath sued the entertainer and his wife Kathleen McCrone Newton in Clark County Court.
     McGrath says in the lawsuit that she started working full time for Newton in 2010, as a horse caretaker at his estate, Casa de Shenandoah.
     Newton sold the property to a company called CSD LLC., which let him keep living on the property and keep his horses there, McGrath says in the complaint. She says Newton kept her on an employee.
     According to the Las Vegas Sun, CSD was created to turn the property into a Wayne Newton museum, a la Elvis Presley’s “Graceland.”
     McGrath claims in the lawsuit that Newton and a barn manager at the time harassed her, that she complained to human resources and was reassigned to office work pending the investigation. She says the investigation resulted in the termination of the barn manager, and her promotion.
     “In January of 2012, plaintiff was promoted to barn manager at Casa De Shenandoah, which involved overseeing the barn and the care of defendant Wayne Newton’s horses,” the complaint states. “When plaintiff began this position she discovered that in her absence that the conditions of the barn and horses had grossly deteriorated. It was during this time that plaintiff had learned that one horse named Infinity had been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease in her absence and the veterinarian who made the diagnosis had prescribed a specific diet for the horse that was to be followed. Defendant and or defendant’s representatives ignored these instructions during plaintiff’s absence.”
     Cushing’s is a disease of the pituitary gland. The enlarged gland emits high levels of hormones and eventually stops functioning. Treatment usually does not cure the disease but it can help extend the life of a horse, according to the American Association of Equine Practitioners website.
     McGrath claims in her lawsuit that Infinity the horse died because no one took care of it in her absence.
     “On or about January 12, 2012, plaintiff, when she arrived at the barn to work that morning, discovered that Infinity was dead and had been left out in the field overnight so that plaintiff could see the dead horse the following morning,” the complaint states.
     “At the same time, defendant, Wayne Newton, had placed a handwritten note on the barn door for everyone to see falsely accusing plaintiff for death of Infinity. Defendant, Wayne Newton, signed the written note.
     “At the same time, defendant, Kathleen McCrone Newton, placed a call to Lacy Harber from CSD and stated that plaintiff had killed their beloved horse.”
     McGrath seeks damages for defamation and emotional distress.
     She is represented by G. Dallas Horton in Las Vegas.

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