Honor Roll Truant Won’t Face Charges, Judge Says

     (CN) – An honors student who missed several days of school because she worked two jobs to support her family will not face contempt charges, a Houston-area judge ruled, amid a torrent of public outcry.
     Judge Lanny Moriarty in Montgomery County dismissed the charges Wednesday after Diane Tran, 17, was sent to jail for 24 hours and ordered to pay a $100 fine. Tran must now complete paperwork to have her record expunged, a court clerk told Fox News.
     In addition to being a straight-A student, Tran supports her brother and sister by working full-time at a dry-cleaning business and part-time for a wedding planner. Texas law allows 10 absences in a six-month period – Tran had already missed 18. She was first warned of her absences by a judge last month and was arrested in open court two weeks ago.
     News of Tran’s plight led the Louisiana Children’s Education Alliance to set up helpdianetran.com. In days, the site raised more than $100,000 from 20 countries. The funds will go into a trust account in Tran’s name.

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