Honda Side Window Smashed in Tornado

     (CN) – A family demands $10 million from Honda, claiming a side window shattered and injured them when a tornado picked up their Honda Odyssey, which “remained airborne for a few seconds before plummeting to the ground and landing on all four wheels. Upon impact, the driver’s side passenger window shattered and glass flew into the car.”

     Two girls suffered eye injuries from the glass and three other family members suffered face, chest and head lacerations, the family says in Prince George’s County Court. One girl lost her left eye and another one needed eye surgery.
     The father says he warned his wife – a defendant – not to go to the “back to school night” because there was a tornado warning, but she “was upset at the program for not properly caring for her child and decided it was necessary to drive her children to the program. … A few minutes after her departure, defendant Achumba felt a shove from the rear of the Odyssey, and it was lifted into the air.”
     The Achumba family says the tempered glass Honda uses in side windows to reduce costs is not strong enough. They say Honda should use laminated glass, as it does for windshields.
     They are represented by Jonathan Dailey of Surovell Markle & Isaacs of Fairfax, Va.

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