Homeowner Get 122K in Hidden Cash, Court Says

     SALEM, Ore. (CN) – The $122,000 cash that an electrician found hidden in a ceiling belongs to the woman who bought the home, not the seller’s estate, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled.

     Helen Sollars bought a home from the estate of Helene Valoff in Milwaukie, Ore. An electrician found the money more than a year after the purchase.
     The trial court ruled that the city should release the disputed money to the estate, because the real estate transfer was not intended to include the money.
     Judge Ortega disagreed, citing the language the estate was required to remove personal property and leave other items. So, when the estate left Sollars the refrigerator, stove, and window coverings, it also left her the money.
     “Nothing in the requirement that the estate remove all personal property provides any exception based on the parties’ knowledge of such property,” Ortega wrote.

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