Hollywood Landlord Sued by Kelly Osbourne

     (CN) – Kelly Osbourne claims in court that her landlord is trying to trick her into forfeiting an $18,700 security deposit with a vague claim of “damages.”
     The “Fashion Police” star says she announced in March that she planned to move out of the West Hollywood apartment she rented from Arshia Harrison Refoua since 2010. Rent at the apartment, which had reportedly previously been occupied by Lindsay Lohan, Adam Lambert and Brody Jennery, was $9,850 a month, according to the 2012 lease renewal agreement filed with the complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
     “Subsequent to plaintiff’s quitting the premises, on or around April 30, plaintiff through her representative received an email from defendant entitled ‘1104 estimate of damages,'” the complaint states. “Plaintiff is informed and believes that defendant’s email did not set forth an itemized statement indicating the basis for security withholding. The email did not include any supplemental documentation setting forth the basis for charges incurred for alleged repairs or cleaning of the property. The email did not describe the work performed, including time spend (sic) and the reasonable hourly rate charged. The email did not include enclosures of any third party bills, invoices, or receipt, or the name, address and telephone number of the person or entity which performed any repair and/or cleaning. The email instead includes a proposal which plaintiff is informed and believes is the asserted justification for defendant withholding $18,700 from the plaintiff’s security deposit.”
     In trying to “mislead” Osbourne and “discourage [her] from challenging these improper withholdings,” Refoua allegedly added: “please note that there where (sic) I believe three months late rent but I didn’t include here.”
     Calling the alleged breach of lease and conversion “malicious,” Osbourne says she wants punitive damages.
     She is represented by Earle Cohen with Carlson & Cohen in Encino.

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