Hip-Hop ‘Promoter’ Sued Again & Again

     MANHATTAN (CN) – Not for the first time, a promoter claims Matthew Rajkumar and American Talent Agency took tens of thousands of dollars to book a hip-hop star for a foreign concert and waltzed with the money.
     Funk Productions sued Rajkumar and American Talent Agency in New York County Supreme Court. It describes Rajkumar as chairman and CEO of American Talent, of West 35th Street in New York City.
     Funk Productions, of Johannesburg, claims it paid the defendants $59,000 to book (nonparty) MC Hammer for a South African concert, and that’s the last it’s heard from Rajkumar and American Talent.
     It’s the sixth time Rajkumar has appeared as a defendant in the Courthouse News database, on similar allegations.
     In August 2012, Nappy Boy Touring, loanout company for T-Pain (Faheem Najm), claimed Kumar et al. owed it $300,000 for two concerts in Australia, in Manhattan Federal Court.
     In May 2011, Buzz Productions claimed Kumar et al. took $125,000 for a concert in Nigeria by Akon (Aliaune Thiam), that never happened. Also in Manhattan Federal Court.
     In March 2011, in a related case, Akon sued Kumar and American Talent for $2.75 million, alleging breach of a booking agreement, privacy violations, trademark infringement and wrongful continuation of acting as plaintiffs’ booking agent, in Manhattan Federal.
     In January 2011, A&M Entertainment claimed it paid Kumar, American Talent et al. $125,000 to book Akon for a Singapore show that never happened; A&M demanded $5 million for fraud and breach of contract, in New York County Supreme Court.
     In May 2010, Wilbros Entertainment sued Kumar, American Talent, et al. for $150,000 for failing to provide (nonparty) Chris Brown for a show in the Philippines.
     And in September 2009, Grooveyard claims Kumar, American Talent et al. took more than $300,000 to book Lady Gaga, though they did not represent her, also in New York County.
     In the latest case, Funk Productions is represented by Lowell Sidney of New York City.

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