Hip Hop Artist Sues Over Concert Shooting

     BROOKLYN (CN) — Hip Hop artist Troy Ave sued the organizers of a concert at Irving Plaza for letting gun- toting fans into the venue a lapse in judgment that led to his shooting injuries and the death of one of his bodyguards.
     In a lawsuit filed in Kings County Supreme Court, the artist, whose real name is Roland Collins, claims Irving Plaza and Live Nation allowed armed fans into his concert unchecked.
     Troy Ave was shot at least twice in the leg, and got hauled into jail after the May 25 shooting. He was eventually released, but is still fighting charges of attempted murder.
     As recounted in the complaint, Troy Ave was set to open for hip hop artist T.I. at Irving Plaza in Manhattan that night. He showed up through the VIP entrance with guards at the entrance. But, he says, “they did not provide any security functions.”
     He says once entering the green room at the venue, he was attacked, shot at, and one of his bodyguards was killed in the carnage.
     He says he’s now traumatized. “As a result of the incident, the plaintiff, a 30-year-old promising performer with his entire career ahead of him, has been left with disabling injuries which will forever affect his life, his career and his pursuits,” his 17-page complaint states.
     The complaint reflects back on the shooting deaths of fellow rapper like Tupac Shakur and Notorious BIG and cites their example to argue there was no excuse for the defendants’ alleged actions.
     “Despite being well aware of this history and, at the absolute minimum, the possibility that individuals would attempt to bring guns or other weapons into the venue, the defendants, their agents and/or employees took no reasonable actions in order to prevent such weapons from being brought into Irving Plaza,” his lawsuit states.
     He adds that metal detectors should’ve been employed and used when entrants tried to get in.
     Representatives at Irving Center directed media requests via email to their media relations teams, who haven’t responded to requests for comment as of Monday afternoon.
     A representative of Live Nation declined to comment.
     The rapper has since taken to Twitter to broadcast a news conference he held with is attorneys. He remained mostly mum. “I just want to get my leg back,” he told reporters before hobbling away on crutches. The rapper seeks unspecified damages for his injuries, and is represented by Marc Albert of Roland Collins in Astoria, Queens.

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