Hillsborough Spilled Sewage, Baykeeper Says

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – The town of Hillsborough, Calif., has been accused of spilling sewage from its 40-year-old sewage collection system into storm drains, which in turn empty into the San Mateo Creek, and the San Francisco Bay and its tributaries.

     In a federal lawsuit, San Francisco Baykeeper claims the sewage spills degrade the water quality, harm aquatic life, and inhibits its members from fully using and enjoying the tainted waters.
     Hillsborough will be in violation of the Clean Water Act unless and until it improves the “decrepit, outdated, and poorly operated and maintained collection system,” Baykeeper claims.
     It asks the court to impose a daily fine of up to $27,500 for violations occurring before March 15, 2004, and up to $32,500 a day for violations after that date.

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