Hillary Clinton Has Historic Night at DNC

PHILADELPHIA (CN) — Sen. Bernie Sanders’ home state of Vermont announced Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party’s nominee for president during a Tuesday night roll call at the Democratic National Convention.
     The Vermont delegation then handed the microphone to Sanders, who asked the DNC chair to officially name Clinton as the party’s nominee.
     “Sen. Sanders has moved in the spirit of unity,” announced Chair Marsha Fudge.
     Clinton could now become the first woman president in U.S. history.
     Just two days into the party’s four day convention, much rancor has been raised by the Bernie Sanders faction of the party, but feelings inside the Wells Fargo Center were generally amicable as states ran through roll call, giving Clinton the votes she needs to compete against Donald Trump for the presidency.
     Many speakers for the state delegations were emotional from the historical weight of nominating the first female president, and many others made quips against Trump, including the delegation from Indiana who stole Trump’s catch phrase and told the crowd, “Donald Trump and Mike Pence, you’re fired!”
     The Arizona delegation had a 102-year-old woman announce that the bulk of Arizona’s votes would go to Clinton.
     “I was born in 1929,” said the speaking delegate from Oklahoma, “just nine years after women received the right to vote. I never thought I would see this day.”
     Some state delegations held onto the microphone to go beyond the obligatory state introduction to tout the unique traits and heroes of their state, including Delaware, where the speaking delegate proudly claimed Delaware as the home of George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers.
     The New Mexico delegation declared their state the home of red and green chili and the television show “Breaking Bad.”
     As the roll call went on, votes for Sanders elicited cheers, but were outshined by Clinton votes, which Sanders supporters accepted with minimal booing.
     “I’m excited because I think after this day, after this roll call, some of this is going to stop,” California delegate Estella Kessler told Courthouse News.
     Members of the California delegation chanted “Sanders beats Trump!” but refrained from booing during votes pledged to Clinton.
     “I’m a Bernie person and I will stick with the values and policy of Bernie,” California delegate Dr. Talat Kham told Courthouse News. “As I see it, Hillary has already taken some of the values and as Bernie spoke yesterday that we are going to progressively move forward with the movement and we’ll have to see how Hillary in the next few months comes out with more promises and goes on with those values.”
     Kham added, “I don’t see any controversy … he is working with Clinton, he’s working with the people and in fact he’s trying to help out whoever is ruling our country and the bigger people.”
     The Oregon representative announced his state was “Feeling the Bern,” and committed the majority of his state’s votes to Sanders, eliciting cheers from the Sanders contingency.
     Photo caption:
     Sen. Bernie Sander, I-VT., hugs his wife Jane after asking the delegates to make Hillary Clinton the unanimous choice for President of the United States during the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Tuesday, July 26, 2016. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

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