High Court Won’t Hear Wesley Snipes’ Appeal

     (CN) – Wesley Snipes will not get to appeal the tax-evasion case against him to the Supreme Court, according to an order filed Monday.

     Snipes was convicted of three misdemeanors for failing to pay an estimated $15.6 million in income taxes over six years. Finding that the figure jumps to more than $41 million when taking Snipes’ false refund claims and fraudulent bills of exchange into account, a judge sentenced the actor to three years in prison. He began the sentence in December 2010.
     In his bid for Supreme Court review, Snipes claimed that federal prosecutors improperly brought the case against him in Florida instead of New York.
     Prosecutors defended the venue selection by showing that Snipes was born in Florida, had a home in the state, had a Florida driver’s licence and listed Windermere, Fla., as his residence in contracts for the “Blade” franchise.
     As is its custom, the high court rejected Snipes’ petition without comment.

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