Hidden Gun Upset NYC Women’s Dessert Plans

     BROOKLYN, N.Y. (CN) – Two New York women were arraigned on weapons charges because a fire in their oven revealed a burned gun in the broiler, they say in Federal Court.
     Before the fire on Dec. 27, 2013, it had apparently been a peaceful evening at the Richmond Hill, Queens, home of Amanda and Jesselle Sancler, according to the complaint.
     Amanda says she turned the oven on at about 6 .m. to bake a dessert while Jeselle was upstairs.
     “Several minutes after turning on the oven, plaintiffs heard a loud ‘pop’ emanate from the kitchen,” the June 3 complaint states.
     When the Sanclers saw that their oven was on fire, Amanda put out the flames while Jesselle called 911, they say.
     FDNY and then the NYPD arrived and brought the Sanclers to the precinct because “a burned gun was found in the broiler section of said oven,” according to the complaint.
     Both women allegedly had their cases adjourned in contemplation of dismissal this past February.
     Now they want punitive damages from the city for false arrest and malicious prosecution.
     The 12-page complaint accuses the officers of drafting and signing “a sworn criminal complaint and police reports that provided false information to the court,” in an attempt “to cover up their illegal and unconstitutional conduct and force plaintiffs into confessing to a crime [they] did not commit.”
     They are represented by Paul Prestia in Manhattan.
     Representatives for the New York City Police Department have not returned a request comment.

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