Heavyweight Tells Don King to Back Off

     MIAMI (CN) – Heavyweight boxer Odlanier Solis wants Don King Productions enjoined from carrying out “a subversive campaign” claiming rights to co-promote Solis’ career.
     Solis claims in Miami-Dade County Court that he’s one of four top contenders aiming to take on world champion Wladimir Klitschko, through a box off, in which the four fight each other for the chance.
     Solis claims that nonparty Arena Sports Promotions “was involved” promoting his career. Solis claims that Don King Productions, run by the “infamous boxing promoter” Don King, allegedly made a co-promotional agreement with Arena, which expired on Aug. 1.
     But Solis said he never signed that agreement: “Notably, only representatives of Arena and DKP signed the agreement; Solis did not sign and is not a party to the agreement.”
     The complaint continues: “Apparently, a dispute exists between Arena and DKP regarding the Solis co-promotional agreement whereby DKP is alleging Arena has not complied with the agreement.
     “Based on the foregoing, DKP has embarked on a subversive campaign to affect Solis’ promotional agreement and eligibility for important box off and elimination bouts which directly affect his income and career advancement.”
     Solis wants King restrained and enjoined from claiming that Solis is or may be involved in any sort of legal dispute.
     He is represented by Alexis Gonzalez of Coconut Grove.

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