Harassing Doc Won’t Quit, Monitor Says

     LOUISVILLE (CN) – A woman who says she was hired to chaperone a doctor who had been accused of sexually harassing patients claims the doctor sexually harassed her too.

     Cathy Cox claims that Dr. Jack Allen “entered into an Agreed Order of Probation” after “several female patients” complained that he had made “sexually offensive and inappropriate comments to them and touched them inappropriately during office visits.”
     She says Allen’s office, Gray & Allen PSC, hired her to chaperone Allen while he examined female patients. She claims that after she had worked for the practice for more than a year, Allen began harassing her in October 2008, approaching her in a hallway and saying that his penis was “hard.”
     Three days later, she claims, Allen told her, “I want to f–k you, but you are my employee. I guess I could just pay for it.”
     Then, she claims, Allen told her he wanted to have sex with her and he would pay for it. She says Allen told her, “I could come to your house with a mask on and we could f–k in the dark.”
     Cox claims she reported this to Gray & Allen, which “failed and refused to take any corrective action” against Allen, forcing her to quit.
     She says that Allen called her after she quit and told her, “I wish you would come back.”
     Cox is represented in Jefferson County Court by Mark Wallace of Walker, Vaughn & Wallace.

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