Gun Scare Shutters Detroit Courthouse

     DETROIT (CN) – A downtown Detroit courthouse was on lockdown Monday after security failed to stop someone who might have had a gun in his bag.
     Detroit police released a photograph of the as-yet unidentified suspect as SWAT teams continue to search the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center floor-by-floor.
     The man is described as a white, in his mid-40s, wearing a dark suit.
     After the man made it through a checkpoint run by a private security team, personnel realized that an X-ray image of his bag revealed the outline of what could be a revolver.
     The security breach happened at around 8:45 a.m., and at least 15 minutes passed before security notified Detroit police, Robert Dunlap, deputy chief of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, told the Detroit News.
     Police Chief Robert Craig characterized the event as a “security failure.”
     “It wasn’t until they realized he might have a handgun that [he] was already past the security checkpoint, got onto an elevator, and we’re not certain where,” Craig said.
     Though more than 100 sworn officers responded to the scene, Craig stressed this was never an active-shooter investigation, and no one was threatened.
     Craig said it was even possible the man had already left.
     The Coleman A. Young Municipal Center houses court and government offices for both Detroit city and Wayne County.
     Employees were initially told to lock themselves in their offices but later escorted out by Wayne County sheriffs and sent home.
     The building was closed for the day around 1:15 p.m. as the search continued. Surrounding streets were closed as well.

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