Gun Maker to Pay $30M |to Settle Class Action

     (CN) – Brazilian gun maker Forjas Taurus SA will pay $30 million to settle a class action lawsuit over defective pistol trigger blade safeties.
     In a complaint filed in Miami, Fla. Federal Court in December 2013, the lead plaintiffs in the case claimed pistols manufactured with the alleged defect were capable of firing when dropped — even if the safety was engaged.
     The lawsuit pertained to none models of semiautomatic pistols with an inner trigger blade safeties manufactured since 2000.
     The nine effective models were the PT-609, PT-640, PT-42/7, PT-111 Millennium, PT-132 Millennium, PT-138 Millennium, PT-140 Millennium, PT-145 Millennium, and PT-745 Millennium.
     Under the terms of the settlement, Forjas Taurus will provide owners of the affected handguns an extended warranty, training to use the firearm, and the opportunity to return the firearm for about $200 each if less than 10,000 guns are returned.
     If more than 10,000 affected handguns are sent back, owners will receive less until the return price reaches a minimum limit of $150 per firearm.
     If 200,000 firearms or more are returned, Taurus will have to pay an additional $9 million in lawyer’s fees.
     The company does not admit any liability under the settlement, which was approved by U.S. District Judge Patricia Seitz.

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