Gulf Oil Spill Flushed Out Felon, State Says

     OKLAHOMA CITY (CN) – A recidivist felon is defrauding people by selling unregistered “securities” in a company she claims has contracts to inspect pipelines and “clean up Gulf Coast oil spills,” the State of Oklahoma says. But Debra Ann Miller and her company, MBS Inspection Corp., have no such contracts, and Miller was convicted of felony theft by deception in Utah in 2009, the state says.

     MBS is a Utah corporation “with a purported address in Duncan, Oklahoma,” the Oklahoma Department of Securities claims in Oklahoma County Court. But its address, though under contract for purchase, has not yet closed, according to the complaint. And the state says MBS securities are unregistered.
     Miller, of Oklahoma, president and CEO of MBS, is not registered as a securities dealer either, the state says.
     Paragraph 9 of the complaint states: “Defendants represent that MBS is a company that provides inspection services. These inspections include, but are not limited to, pipeline right of ways and clean-up of Gulf Coast oil spills.
     “Defendants falsely represent that MBS has contracts to participate in the inspections described in paragraph 9 above.”
     The state claims Miller has taken money from this and put it into banks, but has not invested it as she promised, and never delivered stock certificates. It adds: “Defendant Miller has a March 2009 felony conviction in the state of Utah for theft by deception.”
     The state seeks preservation of evidence, an injunction, and penalties for fraud and securities violations.

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