Guard Sues Hospital for Flea Attack

MIAMI (CN) – A security guard says he was hospitalized with diabetes, impaired vision and severe rashes after suffering “hundreds if not thousands of flea bites” when a hospital hired him to patrol a vacant apartment complex that was home to “a community of cats.”

     John Rodriguez sued Baptist Hospital of Miami for negligence, in Miami-Dade County Court. His wife seeks damages for loss of consortium.
“As a consequence of the flea attack, Rodriguez suffered from severe body rashes and had to be hospitalized,” the complaint states. “And as a further consequence of the flea attack (as well as medication needed to combat the body rash), Rodriguez developed various medical conditions such as vasculitis, vision impairment, diabetes, and others.”
     The Rodriguezes are represented in Miami State Court by H.K. “Skip” Pita with Pita & Del Prado.

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