Grower Says Thieves Stole 35 Pot Plants

     MURRIETA, Calif. (CN) – A medical marijuana grower says “unknown thieves” tunneled through the wall to his storage unit and snatched 35 pot plants, worth at least $1,000 each, after his landlord neglected to fix the broken door to an adjacent unit.

Grower Gary Hite claims the theft occurred at the unit he rented from Hunco Way three weeks after a previous break-in next door.
According to Hite, no one got around to fixing the adjacent unit’s door, even after he witnessed property manager Krista Hundley checking out the damage.
     Without a lock to deter them, thieves allegedly came through the unsecured neighboring unit and worked through two layers of drywall to get to the crop in Hite’s storage unit.
     Hite lost 35 marijuana plants, according to his complaint in Riverside County Superior Court.
     “The estimated value of the plants, as legitimate medical marijuana, and not as the ‘street value’ of illicit drugs, was no less than $1,000 per plant,” Hite claims.
     Hunco Way allegedly “refused to furnish its insurance information,” despite repeated requests.
     Hite says he had “a valid medical marijuana growth permit.”
     He wants Hunco Way to pay him at least $35,000 for breach of contract and negligence.
     He is represented by Raymond Robinson of Robinson Legal.

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