Group Fights Development at Lake Tahoe

LAS VEGAS (CN) – An environmental group wants to scale back a housing complex on the south shore of Lake Tahoe that calls for removal of 212 large pine trees.

     The League to Save Lake Tahoe targets the Tahoe Regency Planning Agency’s determination that a U-shaped road connecting Sierra Colina Village’s 29 two-story buildings would be a public road. In reality, the road would be a “shared driveway” for residents, according to the federal complaint.
     “Every new project in the Lake Tahoe Basin must limit the amount of impervious coverage within its project area,” with the exception of roads used by the general public, the complaint states.
     That exception allows construction of such roads without affecting the landowner’s coverage allocation.
     The planning agency’s determination that the U-shaped road would be public allows the project to be about 16,500 square-feet larger than what was originally proposed.
     State and federal authorities have limited the amount of “land coverage” in the area to allow sediments and pollutants to percolate into the soil and groundwater, where it can be naturally filtered, rather than entering the pristine lake.
     The undeveloped, 18-acre plot of land is on the Nevada side of the lake and consists of Jeffrey pine and white fir forest.
     The league wants development halted while its road challenge is considered. It also wants an order stating that the planning agency abused its discretion by approving the access road.
     The league is represented by Laura Granier with Lionel Sawyer.

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