Grisly Murder of|a Suspect’s Mother

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (CN) – After killing her mother, a Missouri woman and her boyfriend posted “That bitch is dead!” on the mother’s Facebook page, the sheriff says.
     Sheriff’s officers went to the Springfield home when a friend called 911 to report threats on the mother’s Facebook page.
     “That bitch is dead!” one post said on June 14, 2014.
     The Greene County sheriff cites the Facebook posts on a June 16, 2015 probable cause statement for the arrest of Nicholas P. Godejohn, 26, Big Bend, Wisc., and Gypsy R. Blancharde, 23, of Springfield.
     They are charged with the first-degree murder of Blancharde’s mother, Clauddinnea Blancharde, who was stabbed to death sometime between June 9 and June 14, 2014.
     The Facebook posts were sent from a location registered to Godejohn in Big Bend, Wisc., where Waukesha County Sheriff’s deputies arrested him and Blancharde after a brief standoff.
     According to the probable cause statement, Godejohn admitted to Waukesha County officers that he killed Blancharde’s mother. He admitted it after he was given his Miranda rights, according to the Greene County sheriff’s statement.
     In the statement, Greene County Sheriff’s Det. Stanley Hancock wrote of the suspects: “He asked her at one point if she was sure she wanted him to do [sic] kill Clauddinnea and Gypsy said yes. He admitted he stabbed Clauddinnea several times in the back while he was on top of her holding her down. He stated it was at night when he went in to stab Clauddinnea and she was lying down and believed to be asleep. Nicholas stated he thought about raping Clauddinnea however he did not do it.”
     Godejohn said that Gypsy handed him the knife and that “he would not have killed anyone unless Gypsy had asked him to,” according to the probable cause statement. Then he mailed the knife to his home in Wisconsin “so he would not get caught with it.”
     Godejohn said they stole “several thousand dollars from a safe inside Clauddinnea’s bedroom,” and that “he knew what he had done was wrong but he did it for Gypsy because she asked him to,” according to the probable cause statement.
     Hancock interviewed Godejohn at the Wisconsin sheriff’s office on June 16 this year.
     He interviewed Gypsy Blancharde the day before, also at the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Office. He said she admitted being in the house when Godejohn killed her mother, and that “she did nothing to stop it nor did she report it to the authorities.” She said she could hear her mother screaming as she died, and “admitted to posting on Facebook the comment, ‘that bitch is dead.’ She posted this because she wanted her mother found quicker by law enforcement,” the probable cause statement says.
     “After she cleaned up some of the blood she called a Yellow Cab to come and pick her and Nicholas up, and she left the residence in the cab with Nicholas,” the statement concludes.
     Blancharde and Godejohn were each given $1 million bonds. They await extradition to Missouri. If convicted, they could be sentenced to death or to life in prison.
     Clauddinnea Blancharde was 47.

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