Government Corruption in South Texas

LAREDO, Texas (CN) – A South Texas county commissioner pleaded guilty to taking cash bribes, electronics and a new truck in exchange for official favors.
     Kristopher Michael Montemayor, commissioner for Precinct 1 of Webb County, pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of bribery in Federal Court. He admitted soliciting and accepting bribes in exchange for promising to perform official acts.
     Webb County’s seat is Laredo.
     “Montemayor admitted that he accepted three separate bribe payments totaling $11,000, as well as over $2,700 in electronics equipment, from a businessman who, unbeknownst to Montemayor, was an undercover law enforcement agent,” prosecutors said in a statement. “Montemayor admitted that, in exchange for the money and the equipment, he promised to take official action to promote the business interests of the undercover agent.”
     Montemayor also admitted accepting a new 2012 Ford F-150 truck worth more than $37,000 in exchange for promises to provide government jobs to the vehicle owner and his wife. The unidentified couple received salaries of $26,000 and $45,553 from the county, prosecutors said.
     Montemayor faces up to 10 years in federal prison at his Oct. 7 sentencing.
     Webb County officials could not be reached for comment Thursday evening.

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