HARTFORD (CN) – Three interior designers say the State of Connecticut unconstitutionally prevents them from calling themselves “interior designers” unless they register with the state Department of Consumer Protection.

     “(W)hile anyone may perform interior design work in Connecticut, only people who are registered with the Department of Consumer Protection may call themselves ‘interior designers,'” the plaintiffs say. “Any person who violated Connecticut’s interior design Title Act may be fined up to $500 and imprisoned for up to one year.”
     This is nonsensical and unconstitutional, the plaintiffs say. It also costs $150 a year.
     Plaintiff Susan Roberts says she has worked as an interior designer since 1982. She and two other plaintiffs sued Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner jerry Farrell Jr. They want the registration law declared unconstitutional and enjoined, and costs and attorneys fees. They are represented in Federal Court by Scott Sawyer of New London and Clark Neily III of Arlington, Va.

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