Gov. Brown Appoints 28 Judges to California Courts

SACRAMENTO (CN) — Governor Jerry Brown on Tuesday announced appointments of three judges to California appeals courts, and 25 to state superior courts.

Judge Helen I. Bendix was appointed associate justice in Division One and Judge Carl H. Moor as associate justice in Division Five of the Second District Court of Appeal, and Associate Justice Mary J. Greenwood was appointed presiding justice of the Sixth District Court of Appeal.

Moor and Greenwood are Democrats; Bendix lists no party preference.

Those jobs pay $228,918.

Also announced Tuesday were appointments of seven superior court judges in Los Angeles County, three in Alameda County, three in San Diego County, three in Orange County, two in Riverside County, and one each in Contra Costa, El Dorado, Humboldt, Plumas, Santa Cruz, Shasta and Sonoma counties.


In Los Angeles County:

Michael R. Amerian, 43, of Los Angeles, Republican

Armenui A. Ashvanian, 46, of Glendale, Democrat

Ashfaq (Ron) G. Chowdhury, 43, of Los Angeles, Democrat

Danette J. Gómez, 41, of Huntington Beach, Democrat

Kimberley Baker Guillemet, 39, of View Park-Windsor Hills, Democrat

Joseph M. Lipner, 53, of Los Angeles, Democrat

Audra M. Mori, 50, of Santa Monica, no party preference


In Alameda County:

Jason Clay, 48, of San Ramon, no party preference

James R. Reilly, 63, of Piedmont, no party preference

Amy L. Sekany, 47, of Livermore, Democrat


In San Diego County:

Truc T. Do, 46, of San Diego, Democrat

Marcella O. McLaughlin, 47, of San Diego, Democrat

Saba Sheibani, 39, of San Diego, Democrat


In Orange County:

Cynthia M. Herrera, 46, of Santa Ana, Democrat

Kimberly A. Knill, 54, of Aliso Viejo, Republican

Thomas S. McConville, 53, of Irvine, Democrat


In Riverside County:

Russel L. Moore, 41, of Los Angeles, no party preference

Gregory J. Olson, 53, of La Quinta, no party preference


In Contra Costa County:

Leonard E. Marquez, 44, of Martinez, no party preference


In El Dorado County:

Mark A. Ralphs, 57, of Diamond Springs, Republican


In Humboldt County:

Kaleb V. Cockrum, 43, of Eureka, no party preference


In Plumas County:

Douglas M. Prouty, 64, of Portola, Democrat


In Santa Cruz County:

Timothy J. Schmal, 61, of Santa Cruz, Democrat


In Shasta County:

Jody M. Burgess, 44, of Redding, Republican


and in Sonoma County:

Christopher M. Honigsberg, 38, of Petaluma, Democrat


Those jobs pay $200,042.

Here is a link to the governor’s news release with more information on the judges.



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