Google Search Violates ‘Deep|Web’ Patents, Man Claims

     SEATTLE (CN) – A Washington man claims Google uses his patented methods for accessing “deep web information” about airline flights and car rentals.

     In a federal lawsuit, Bellevue resident Michael Moricz says Google uses the methods in its popular search engine, though the company knows that he owns two patents for “methods of accessing deep web pages” containing airline flight information and transportation services.
     “Google’s products and services, including the Google Search Engine, include the ability to access deep web information associated with airline flights and transportation services as taught and claimed in the … patents,” Moricz claims. “Google has had knowledge of the technology claimed in at least [one] patent since at least October 27, 2009.”
     The patents were issued to Moricz in April and May of this year, according to the complaint.
     He wants an order barring Google from using his methods, plus unspecified damages.
     He is represented by Johnathan Mansfield of Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt in Portland, Ore.

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