Golf Ball Deluge Lands In Federal Court

     SAN FRANCISCO (CN) – Homeowners say they have been hit 14 times with golf balls, and their “beloved cat” was hit once, after the Round Hill Country Club shortened its driving range to 200 yards.

     Kenneth and Lois Anne Barker say the country club’s driving range was 270 yards long when they bought their home in 1974. But a clubhouse expansion and other changes shortened the driving range to 160 to 200 yards in 2005, they say, far short of the 375 yards recommended for a modern driving range.
     The Barkers say their house has been “bombarded” with “thousands” of golf balls, that each of them has been hit seven times, numerous windows have been broken, and even their poor cat was whanged. They say they can no longer use their garden or rest at peace in rooms with windows that face the driving range.
     They say the country club has ignored “hundreds” of phone calls and several letters.
     The Barkers say the golf ball deluge has reduced the value of their home “by at least $600,000.”
     The house and the country club are in Alamo, Contra Costa County.
     The Barkers demand treble damages. They filed the case pro se in Federal Court.

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