Give Me a @#$%! Break

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – A former deputy constable claims in court that Clark County threatened to fire him for “sedition,” then did fire him, after he complained about being suspended without pay on suspicion of using profanity while off duty.
     Ray Jacoby sued his former boss, Las Vegas Township Constable John Bonaventura, Deputy Constable Hadi Sadjadi, and Clark County, in Clark County Court.
     Jacoby claims he was suspended without pay and without a hearing for five days in June, after a citizen complained about his “alleged use of profanity while off duty.”
     But that’s not all. Jacoby claims: “the Constable threatened to discipline and/or terminate Mr. Jacoby for ‘sedition,’ arising from his disagreement with the Constable’s handling of his suspension and the subsequent termination of Mr. Jacoby’s girlfriend, Deputy Constable Kristy Henderson, for speaking out on Mr. Jacoby’s behalf.”
     Jacoby claims he was fired on Aug. 15, in a “retaliatory termination,” and because he hired an attorney to challenge his suspension, and because he complaint to the state EEOC that the Constable and other officers referred to him as “the office’s ‘Jew.'”
     The 13-page complaint does not elucidate what profanity or profanities Jacoby was accused of uttering, nor whether he admits or denies saying them.
     Jacoby wants at least $30,000 in damages, and his job back.
     He is represented by C. Benjamin Scrobbins.

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