Giuliani Endorses Trump |as NY Heads to The Polls

(CN) – Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday morning just as millions of New Yorkers began heading to the polls in the state’s crucial primary.
     Giuliani told reporters that he will not play an active role in Trump’s campaign and is not a surrogate for the billionaire real estate developer.
     Trump is expected to win the Republican presidential primary in New York by a wide margin, with Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas expected to come in second. Ohio Gov John Kasich was projected to finish second until yesterday, when Cruz despite some unfortunate remarks about “New York values” that appeared to come back to haunt him suddenly jumped up in the polls.
     Hillary Clinton is expected to win the Democratic presidential primary despite a spirited campaign by Sen. Bernie Sanders. However, it could be closer than the current 18 point spread in the polls indicates. In fact some polls in recent days have Sanders close enough to perhaps pull off a squeaker of an upset.
     Politicos in New York said Monday that the lead-up to the primary has been the most exciting in years. That’s because the traditionally late New York primary has historically rarely meant much in the presidential stakes.
     This year, the candidates not only campaigned hard in New York City and its outer boroughs, but also spent considerable time in the upstate, stumping in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse in an effort to reach out to every voter possible.

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