Girl Scouts Return Anti-Transgender Money


     (CN) – A Girl Scouts chapter in Washington raised more than a quarter million dollars after returning a $100,000 donation that was conditioned on not allowing transgender scouts.

     Earlier this year, the national Girl Scouts organization wrote that it serves anyone who “lives culturally a girl,” signaling a policy that would include transgender youth as scouts.

In May, the Girl Scouts of Western Washington said they received a $100,000 donation, along with a note asking the organization to return the donation if it would be used to support transgender girls.

     The scouts did just that.

     “Girl Scouts is for every girl,” the council’s CEO Megan Ferland said. “And every girl should have the opportunity to be a Girl Scout if she wants to.”

     This week, the chapter started an Indiegogo campaign to raise the $100,000 that it returned. As of Wednesday, the campaign has raised more than $270,000 in two days.

     Ferland wouldn’t say the name of the $100,000 donor, but called their relationship “complex” and that the letter made her “very sad,” according to

     Ferland was the head of the Girl Scout council in Colorado in 2012, where she made a public statement about inclusiveness after a 7-year-old transgender girl was not allowed in a Denver troop.

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