Girl Gets Restraining Order in ‘Sex Brothel’ KFC Case


HOUSTON (CN) – A judge granted a KFC employee and alleged rape victim a temporary restraining order against her former manager in Harris County Court Friday.

The plaintiff, referred to in court documents only as A.M., asked the court to grant an order restraining Sean McIntire from coming within 100 yards of her and prohibiting him from publishing explicit photographs of her online, according to her Nov. 26 petition.

McIntire’s attorney Chaz Klaes agreed to hold the photographs on McIntire’s behalf, A.M.’s attorney Benjamin Hall said during the hearing Friday.

A.M. claims McIntire “raped and sodomized” her repeatedly in various places, including by a dumpster at the KFC restaurant.

Hall said that when individuals under the age of 17 encounter these types of predators, “they succumb” to their advances over 80 percent of the time.

A.M. was 16 at the time the alleged sexual assaults occurred.

Due to the severity of her encounters with McIntire, A.M. was having suicidal thoughts and was receiving treatment from a therapist, Hall said in an interview after the hearing.

A.M. would likely have to deal with the emotional trauma for the rest of her life, her second attorney, George Edwards, added.

In addition to the criminal charges, after the hearing A.M.’s attorneys discussed their upcoming civil trial against McIntire on Aug. 7, in which they are seeking $10.6 million plus punitive damages for emotional distress.

Hall also helped another rape victim win a $7.65-million lawsuit against a former Chipotle manager who has allegedly fled to Mexico, according to a story by Houston digital TV station CW39 in September.

Similar to McIntire, the Chipotle manager groomed a female teenage employee to accept his advances and encouraged her to “participate in unprotected sex while at the business and other places,” according to the CW39 story.

In a phone interview Monday, Hall indicated that these cases were not unique and that he would be representing more victims in the future.


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