Girl Died Because Hospital Tossed Her Out|For No Insurance, Mother Says

     ANGLETON, TEXAS (CN) – Sweeney Community Hospital refused to treat an unresponsive girl with a 104-degree fever because her mother didn’t have health insurance, and the girl died hours later, the mother says in Brazoria County Court. Yesenia Suarez says the hospital in Sweeney, Texas, refused to treat her daughter Astrid on June 20, and Astrid died on June 21.

     “(T)he discharge without treatment was motivated by the mother’s lack of health insurance and Texas Medicaid coverage of Astrid Suarez and the fear that a proper ER workup and treatment may risk charged not reimbursable by Medicaid,” the complaint states.
     Ms. Suarez also sued two physicians. She says that in addition to her fever and nonresponsiveness, Astrid was having difficulty breathing.
     She is represented by Charles Nichols of Palestine, Texas.

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