Gifted Girl’s Mom Sues City Colleges

     CHICAGO (CN) – A mother says the City Colleges of Chicago and Harry S Truman College harassed her gifted daughter, who graduated from high school at age 9, and forced her to drop out of college at age 10.

     Plaintiff Kyung Hye Yano, the mother, claims that her daughter’s Spanish teacher unfairly gave her a B instead of an A, and harassed and intimidated her.
     She claims her daughter’s biology teacher tampered with her tests, or forged them, to justify failing her, but that when the biology teacher was monitored, as the mom requested, her daughter got straight A’s.
     She complains that her daughter got a B in chemistry, though she scored a 98 on her midterm.
     The 32-page federal complaint claims the girl suffered “depression, anxiety, and serious psychological injury” from the harassment and discrimination. It claims the girl dropped out after completing 51 credits. The mom demands more than $1 million, plus punitive damages. She is represented by John Scaccia of Springboro, Ohio.

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