‘Get a Lawyer,’ Get an Ad, Get Sued

     NASHVILLE (CN) – A Nashville ad agency claims a law office is using its “Get A Lawyer Get It Done” slogan without permission. CJ Advertising claims it specializes in ads for lawyers, and attorney Gordon McKernan and the ad agency he hired, Whitehardt, violated its trademark.

     CJ’s federal complaint lists several lawyer ads and slogans it developed, including “Get The Power,” “Get Serious, Get Lundy,” and “Get The Z Advantage.”
     CJ says it cannot sit back and let defendants McKernan and Kevin White, of the Whitehardt agency, step on its trademarks with ads such as “Get Gordon! Get It Done!” and “Mitch Grissim Got It Done.”
     CJ claims it has made “millions of dollars worth of advertisements for legal services” with its “Get Trademarks,” including “Get Carter,” “Get Berg,” “Get Serious, Get Stewart,”, “Get Real,” and so on.
     CJ claims that if unchallenged, McKernan and White’s ads will cost CJ Advertising business.
     CJ seeks an injunction. It is represented by Edward Lanquist Jr. with Waddey & Patterson.

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